Jumat, 04 November 2011 | By: 버나드

Leetuk almost gets kick off the company because of female trainee

On November 1st episode of Strong Heart, Super Junior Leeteuk reveals something.

He started off by confessing, "I started to like a trainee from the company when I'm still training."

He added, "I confessed my love for her, but the company said they will kick me out because the female trainee will debut soon in a group."

Who might be the female trainee he is talking about? How did he manage to stay in the company? This will be revealed in today's broadcast.

Also, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Ji Sook, Yoon Sae Ah, Song Kyung Ah, Kim Jang Hoon, Eun Ji Won, Jessica, Dana, Ko Young Wook, Gil Me, and Hwang Gwang Hee of ZE:A are guests.


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